Is Pay for Performance Dead?

It wasn’t too long ago that “pay for performance” was a fundamental component of many organizations’ approach to compensation.  They were committed to the idea that their long-term success was dependent on rewarding and [...]

Communicating About Compensation

I see many companies continuing to be very secretive about compensation information.   I’m not talking about actual compensation figures for an individual—that of course is private and should be protected.  What I am referring [...]

Pay Transparency Helps Your Bottom Line

If there is one complaint I hear constantly from employees, it’s that they don’t understand their organization’s pay structure.  A company’s lack of transparency creates an information vacuum that employees often fill with confusion, [...]

Cost of Living Increases: The Dinosaurs of Pay Practices?

A recent WorldatWork study reported that only 11% of US employers say that they award cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) to employees.  A COLA refers to an across-the-board wage increase to bring pay in line with [...]

They Just Thought of This Now?

A recent Hewitt Associates study  shows that more companies are raising the value of their long-term incentives to executives but—lo and behold—an increasing number of companies are also tying [...]