Health Premiums on the Rise

If you have been waiting for health insurance premiums to slow their meteoric rise, you may have to wait some more.  Hewitt Associates reports that they expect health [...]

The Cost of Turnover

Turnover.  Everyone knows it can be a terrible drain on organizational morale and energy.  But what does turnover really cost?  How does it affect the bottom line?  In today’s economic environment, these questions are [...]

The Lighter Side of Interviewing

Interviewing candidates for employment can be hard work.  However, it does provide some light moments.  Just check out below some examples of actual comments made by candidates.

“Candidate pulled out a camera and snapped [...]

The Coming HR Challenge

How confident are you that your best performers will still be with you a year from now?  The economic landscape may be changing in a way that will challenge employers.

The good news is [...]