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Find out how we’ve helped organizations in the areas of compensation and benefits, HR effectiveness and compliance, professional development, and communication.


Challenge:  The Biotechnology Industry Organization had not conducted a competitive analysis of its compensation program in several years.  They wanted to understand how their employees viewed the program and how it compared to other companies.  The organization also wanted to enhance its performance evaluation process to ensure it was an effective tool for staff development.  These actions were key components in its strategy to recruit and retain the best talent.


  1. We conducted interviews and focus groups with management and staff to understand their perspectives and collect their recommendations for how both the compensation and performance evaluation programs could be improved.
  2. We developed a new salary band structure based on an extensive competitive review, and placed all employees in the appropriate band.
  3. We developed a new performance evaluation system that focused on linking individual and organizational performance objectives, and stressed ongoing learning and professional development.

“JD White & Associates, Inc. took an approach on this project that emphasized securing the participation of management and staff; creating programs that were clear to employees and more efficient to administer; training managers so they would be able to answer questions from their staffs; and putting a structure in place that would support the organization for the long term.   We feel we have developed a partnership with them that will serve us well as we continue to grow and as our Human Resources needs evolve.”

Lisa Murphy, 
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Biotechnology Industry Organization


Challenge: The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation was in an important transition as an organization.  They were growing rapidly and expanding their mission.   They were also in the process of raising money to build a new National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA.  They realized that as an organization they needed to take a hard look at their structure, processes and people to ensure they were prepared for the changes to come.


  1. We conducted an organizational assessment to determine whether the current organizational structure was appropriate.
  2. We evaluated the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal processes of the organization.
  3. We assessed how human resources programs of the organization were attracting and retaining top quality staff.
  4. We interviewed every employee and had lengthy discussions with senior management.
  5. We prepared a series of recommendations to guide their future growth and development.

“JD White & Associates, Inc. conducted a thorough and insightful analysis of a wide range of critical organizational issues. They engaged the staff in the process, presented a number of options for management to consider, and summarized their findings in a well-written and comprehensive final report.  We have already adopted a number of their recommendations which will help guide the organization going forward at a time of intense change and growth.”

Gerald. L. McKay, 
Brigadier General, USMC (Ret.)
Marine Corps Heritage Foundation


Challenge: The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) had a career progression system in place that employees did not understand and which was not used consistently within the organization.  They wanted a system that was clear, transparent, and fair. This was an important component of creating a positive and productive work environment.


  1. First we reviewed their career progression program, and discussed the current approach with employees.
  2. We communicated with senior management to understand fully what the organization was trying to achieve.
  3. We developed a new career path approach that overcame concerns employees and management had about the former system.
  4. We discussed a draft of our recommended approach with employees and management and got helpful comments that we then incorporated into our design.
  5. We conducted training for managers to ensure they understood the new career paths and were ready to apply them appropriately and effectively.

“JD White & Associates, Inc. conducted a comprehensive review of our current career progression program that turned out to be a more complex project than we originally thought.  They did an excellent job listening to and working with all levels of staff to ensure that the new program would meet the needs of the organization.  The new program integrates the important ingredients of a career progression program into a coherent and easily understandable approach. We are extremely pleased with the results.”

Deborah Hall, SPHR, 
Chief Human Resources Officer


Challenge: There was strong dissatisfaction at a small biotechnology firm in Maryland among its workforce. Staff were quitting and there was a very negative and counterproductive work environment.  Senior management had tried to get to the root of the problem but failed. They were frustrated and concerned for the future of the company.


  1. We conducted an all staff retreat to examine a number of key organizational and employee relations issues.
  2. Before the retreat, we ran confidential interviews with every employee in the company. These interviews surfaced a number of important concerns that employees (and management) had.
  3. For the retreat, we created a full day agenda of presentations, exercises and discussion. The key issues that surfaced were addressed and a plan for the future was created.

“JD White & Associates, Inc. conducted a retreat that far exceeded our expectations. The organization was facing a number of serious challenges that had taken its toll on employee morale.  The retreat helped us better understand these challenges, discuss them openly, and develop concrete steps to constructively deal with them. The climate and performance of the organization has improved significantly since that time. Having this retreat was one of the best decisions we ever made!”

Chief Financial Officer

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