‘Tis the Season for Giving Free Advice

Effective Human Resources professionals know how to build strong relationships at all levels within their companies.  Sometimes this can be challenging.  Here’s a holiday season tip for success:  try doing something for nothing.

I’ll be honest: as an independent HR [...]

Pay Transparency Helps Your Bottom Line

If there is one complaint I hear constantly from employees, it’s that they don’t understand their organization’s pay structure.  A company’s lack of transparency creates an information vacuum that employees often fill with confusion, suspicion, and worse, resentment.

Compensation policies [...]

Health Premiums on the Rise

If you have been waiting for health insurance premiums to slow their meteoric rise, you may have to wait some more.  Hewitt Associates reports that they expect health insurance premiums to rise, on average, [...]

Cost of Living Increases: The Dinosaurs of Pay Practices?

A recent WorldatWork study reported that only 11% of US employers say that they award cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) to employees.  A COLA refers to an across-the-board wage increase to bring pay in line with increases in the cost of living [...]

Employee Engagement: Don’t Let It Slip Away

When times are good, keeping employees satisfied and engaged in their work is a bit easier.  Salary increases and bonuses can be a little higher, benefit programs a little more generous, and training and career development opportunities a little more [...]