One Approach to Managing Conflict

Sometimes in organizations the conflict between employees and management becomes so great that it is difficult to see a solution. I was faced with such a situation recently.

A department was in turmoil.  The [...]

Performance Evaluation Ratings: Do We Really Need Them?

Is my performance “outstanding” or is it only “commendable?”  Is it “excellent” or only “satisfactory?”  Is it “really super duper” or just “good?”  These are the kinds of questions that can preoccupy employees when [...]

Is Pay for Performance Dead?

It wasn’t too long ago that “pay for performance” was a fundamental component of many organizations’ approach to compensation.  They were committed to the idea that their long-term success was dependent on rewarding and [...]

3 Tips to Make Career Conversations Easier

My clients often tell me doing performance evaluations is their least favorite activity.  Guess which runs a close second—talking with employees about their career development.

What makes this so stressful?  From what I’ve seen, [...]

Communicating About Compensation

I see many companies continuing to be very secretive about compensation information.   I’m not talking about actual compensation figures for an individual—that of course is private and should be protected.  What I am referring [...]